TEALwatch® browser interface
Status page shows events

• The TEALwatch® is a cost effective embedded Internet-based remote power monitor. Now with Active Email Notification!

• Enables the user to continuously monitor AC line voltage supplied to their equipment 24x7x365 at every installation.

• Easy to use, yet fully programmable. You own the data, no subscription is needed.


• Provides a proactive diagnostic tool for power quality issues that will decrease your service costs for each site or installation.

• Standard Internet browser software interface and Ethernet connectivity for easy installation and access.

• The TEALwatch® is designed to be integrated into a TEAL three phase power subsystem.

screenshot TEALwatch® installed in PDU
screenshot TEAL PDU

- NEW! - Optional Current Monitoring (requires additional Current Monitoring hardware)
- NEW! - Optional Temperature/Humidity Monitoring (requires additional Temp/Humidity Monitoring hardware)
- NEW! - Now with Active Email Notification of an event!
- Cost effective for installation at every site, permanently installed cost is comparable to normal equipment rental
- No special software required, uses standard web browser interface
- Standard Ethernet connection for easy network integration
- Easy to understand real-time data available 24x7x365, no more "missed" events
- Easily downloaded waveform data requires no special software for viewing full waveforms
- Easy to use with standard factory settings, yet fully configurable
- Time stamping of trigger events enables easy correlation to system issues
- Secure environment for your sensitive data
- Small size enables easy integration and retrofitting into most existing TEAL 3-phase power subsystems
- Test Trigger to capture baseline waveforms or nominal data to compare to later

- Helps identify power as a root cause of system performance issues like lock-ups or system damage
- Increases diagnostic information available to service engineers
- Reduces service calls and service costs with remote monitoring capability
- Justifies additional power conditioning (voltage regulation or a UPS system) that may be required at specific sites